Lab Demon.
Play Different.

Lab Demon is an exclusive DemonWare product. A private, revolutionary external Escape From Tarkov software with unparalleled customization options.

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Feature 06
Feature 06
Feature 06
Feature 06
Feature 06

Feature 01


Lab Demon uses an outside overlay to layer all ESP into - this makes our software completely invisible to programs such as Discord's stream or OBS streaming software.

Feature 02

Maximum Compatibility.

Unlike the other guys, our software works for Intel and AMD and supports ONLY Windows 20H2 & Windows 2004.

Feature 03

Completely External.

Absolutely no code is injected into the game process itself - we only read & write to the game's memory.

Feature 04

State Of The Art Item Price Acquisition.

Lab Demon has accomplished something no other provider has done - real-time item price acquisition. When our software is launched, it fetches information from's API and updates all item prices on our ESP.

Feature 05

Unparalleled Customer Support.

We offer almost 24/7 customer support in our Private Discord within our ticketing system.

Feature 06

Maximum Performance and Security.

Lab Demon uses absolutely no virtual machines or hypervisors, therefor does not affect performance of the game itself.

Our Prices:

$80/2 weeks
What you will get:
  • Exclusive access to our Private Discord & Community.
  • Autoupdating software to prevent signature-based bans.
  • Monthly feature updates.

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